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That protect your hearing in every situation

Using SwedSafe’s earplugs is the easiest way to protect your ears from hazardous noise, annoying and irritating sounds, water or pressure changes. They protect effectively and are comfortable to wear. The earplugs are practically invisible once you have placed them in your ears therefore are suitable in most situations. They are small and close to weightless, so it is easy to always carry them with you.

Audio noise
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Sleep/Unwanted sound



Sensitive ears
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SwedSafe’s earplugs are available in many different variations, designed to provide the right protection for every situation. If you often find yourself in environments with loud noises then you need an effective attenuation to protect your hearing. Or if you’re bothered by noise from others around you, for example your partner’s snoring or office noises, and want to shut out the noise, but still hear the things you need to. Whether you require pressure equalizing when you are flying, or do not want to get water in your ears while swimming, our earplugs can provide the solution for you.

The development and production of all of our earplugs are in-house made in Sweden. We do not provide direct sales to users. In Sweden you can buy our earplugs from onlineoronproppar.se or at pharmacies such as Kronans Apotek, ICA Cura, Lloyds, Apoteksgruppen and more. The distribution to other countries is gradually being developed.

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